50% of women leave tech, at two times the rate of men. Young professionals of color have the lowest retention rates in Corporate America. Why? A lot of attention is given to the "pipeline" issue in tech, but what about the leaky faucet? Why is this coveted talent leaving? 

Join Amy Marrich, Linux Academy OpenStack Training Architect II, and Elaine Marino, Equili Founder, as they delve into the stats behind the leaky faucet, pull from real life experiences to provide depth and insight into how companies can build "and" cultures to stop the leaky faucet. Together, they'll share what individuals can do to thrive in their careers when they are "the only and the lonely."

When Elaine left the Fortune 500 advertising industry to become a Ruby on Rails developer, she experienced first-hand the tremendous diversity gap in software development: women and minorities were woefully underrepresented. Elaine saw clearly how change could be made for the better, and now has a unique perspective on the tech industry as both an insider and an outsider. 

In this on-demand webinar, Elaine and Amy discuss:

  • The current state of diversity in the industry
  • Why diversity & inclusion is still an issue
  • Real life experiences to provide depth and insight into the issue
  • How you can build an "and" culture to combat adversity
  • And much more!