Young professionals of color have the lowest retention rates in Corporate America. Men hold 76% of technical jobs. 95% of the tech workforce is white.

Are you shocked by these statistics?

Join Treva Williams, Technical Evangelist at Linux Academy, and Taz Brown, Sr. Linux Systems Engineer at Nestle Purina, as they discuss diversity and inclusion from the perspectives of Black women in the tech industry. They've faced challenges and know first-hand what companies can do to retain women of color.

Guest Speaker:

Taz has been in the industry for over 14 years working with a variety of companies including healthcare, manufacturing, and IT managed services. She attends many tech conferences yearly, is an Open Source enthusiast, and is currently working toward her Red Hat Certified Architect designation. She has written for the Linux Journal and Linux Academy.

Webinar Details:

Unfortunately, our guest speaker, Taz Brown, is under the weather and we have to postpone the webinar. Please stay tuned for a reschedule announcement coming soon! 

Why should I attend?

Join to learn about:

  • Why diversity & inclusion is still an issue
  • Challenges minorities face in the tech industry
  • What needs to be done to increase the number of women of color working in the industry
  • How companies can retain women of color throughout their careers
  • And much more!